Mike Taylor (Chairman);  T&M KALC,  6 Parish Alliance.  Highways, Streetlighting and Footpaths.        Finance Committee,  Planning Oversight,  H+H Liaison,  Parish Partnership Panel,  Websites,  Parish Plan, T&MBC Member for Borough Green & Longmill elected 2014, 2015, & 2019 Chairman TM Branch CPRE  Vice-Chair T&M KALC TMBC DPI   DPI PC Jan 2014 Leader Independent Alliance (Kent) Party TMBC Standards Committee

  Contact Mike  882880  Chairman since 2011



 Tim Shaw Vice Chair   Finance Committee, T&M KALC, Parish Alliance, Parish Partnership Panel, Chairman,J5 Slips Executive, Malling Area Partnership, Kent Rail Forum, H+H Liaison

   DPI PC  T&MBC Member for Borough Green & Longmill elected 2015

    T&MBC DPI    Contact Tim   883375



Sandra Gould, Finance Committee, Potters Mede Steering Group, Parish Plan, Operations and Events Borough Green Christmas Lights

  DPI T&MBC Parish Partnership Panel




Scott Millener  Finance Committee, Basted Mill POS Committee, H+H Liaison, Potters Mede Steering Group,




 Jeff Reading

Co-opted October 2018

Hazelbourne Residents, Basted Mill POS    DPI  




Gary Green - co-opted 4th March 2019




 Ian Simpson - co-opted 4th March 2019

Finance Committee




Steve Perry 883538

H+H Liaison

  DPI    DPI 2017  T&MBC Member for Borough Green & Longmill elected 2015



 Bartosz Wlodarczyk  co-opted Sept 2016,




 Past Parish Councillors since 2011


Cliff Dobson


Pat Moorcecroft


Mike Yianni


Gary Harrington


Therese Dawson


Drew Hickmott


Jo Matthews


Henry Willard


Chris Hurll


Les Chown


Ann Easthope